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Peanut allergy: "I prevented kissing because they can kill me"


Oli Weatherall, 22 years old, suffered from severe allergies to peanuts.Copyright
Oli Weatherall


Oli Weatherall, 22 years old, suffered from severe allergies to peanuts.

There is many reasons why Oli Weatherall, a 22-year-old Briton, often gives her first kiss after a date.

Dying is one of them.

And the student of Surrey, England, is suffering from a severe allergy to peanuts or peanuts.

As a child, an allergic reaction to peanut paste caused hospitalization. Oli recalls that his saliva has made it very difficult to breathe too much.

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Since then, his life has changed forever. And he talked about how he recently opposed the BBC Newsbeat program after high profile cases of young people living in England due to food allergies.

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Oli's peanut allergy, taking this drug after contact with food may not be enough to save his life.

Oli, peanut butter after rushing to the hospital for the first time, the most chilling experience of his life, he said.

He lost his mind about what he had with his skin, the skin covered with hives, red and swollen spots.

Not just avoid peanuts. Kissing a girl after leaving an appointment can be risky.

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If a peanut is eaten or used as a substance on a plate, This may be enough to provoke a crisis.

”There are people who die for this, un explains Oli.

"This is a very real risk and people who don't have allergies usually don't think about it."

"You don't really need to think about things like holidays, flying, or romantic relationships unless you meet an allergic with you."

Food Standards Agency


Oli works with support groups such as the UK Food Standards Agency to raise awareness of severe allergies in young people.

Yer When I went to eat in the past I didn't always want to eat about allergens, I know I should know now, yemek says the legend of this campaign by the Food Standards Agency of England, where Oli collaborates.

"Most of the time we find people who have gone to the curry or pubs. It's not just the real reason to eat peanuts, but you have to ask: Have you had an Indian meal? You ate a kebab?" both meals that can contain peanuts).

”I really tend to stop this.“ that ruined my nightBecause I thought the whole night: “Do I have a reaction? çünkü.

"I don't want additional stress, it would be nice not to worry about such things, but it's a fact."

Oli Weatherall


Oli prepares his own meals from scratch to avoid the hazelnuts and opens a page in Instagram with recipes for allergies and vegans.

Eating at a place other than your home is a problem for Oli.

Restaurants should be aware of allergens and know which of them is in their food, Oli says that inexperienced managers or some waiters can cause problems.

This means that if a young person leaves his home for long periods of time, he or she must plan their food precisely.

Mek Most of your life should be planned to feed you safely, O says Oli.

"It eliminates your spontaneity, you always have to think in advance, and ready meals (sold by supermarkets) are always a better option than trying to eat outside."

Holidays abroad are also a risk for the 22-year-old.

It's not just the food on the planes. any The language barrier can create a fatal misunderstanding.

”If I have a reaction in the air, many people think: en You have your EpiPen (an epinephrine autogenous), you put it in and you'll be fine irs, but it's not.“



Natasha died in a hospital in the French city of Nice after Ednan-Laperouse, a French Airways plane destroyed.

Airlines usually carry medical equipment and the staff is trained in first aid. But Oli is concerned that this is not always enough.

”If you're using EpiPen, you need immediate medical attention and this is not possible on a flight.“

"Three and four years ago I traveled with my friends in Australia and New Zealand, it didn't work, but when you have a serious allergy and stay in bad hotels, you can't cook there."

”It's not a safe environment, I've finished the worst diet, the things I knew were right.“

"You're on vacation, you're traveling and you're doing all this stuff, and you're thinking about it all the time, too." I'm ready for everything for tomorrow? "Very tiring, I'm glad you did, but I won't do it again."

There were two young cases who had died recently after eating from the Pret A Manger chain.

  • Pret a Manger in a second death with allergies after eating a sandwich in the British chain

Oli says it shows why it doesn't eat safely in similar organizations.

”There is no label,“ he says. "There is no one way to give good information to people with allergies so they can decide."

Or They are clearly horrifying stories, and nowhere can show that there are no built-in arrangements, “he says.

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