Saturday , October 23 2021

Patricia Maldonado versus Daniel Stingo on a dive


Daniel Stingo participated in the VíaX program "Con la manos en la table", which he reviewed his professional career and remembered how his beginnings were on television.

The lawyer, who spoke about the ambience and killed Camilo Catrillanca and deepened the conflict in Araucania, was handed over to the surveys of the gastronomic area that mixed the culinary art with the touches of politics, sports and entertainment.

As a result, Patricia Maldonado's continuous clashes on the continuity and promises of the Mega were consulted, and the leadership of Mega made sure that the fear of ili fear Bun enabled him to do whatever he wanted.

In this regard, the jurist criticized the morning field of the Bethia station, guaranteeing that it is not plywood. ”If they have a Pinochetista woman in Mucho Gusto, on the other side there must be someone strong,“ he said.

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