Sunday , October 17 2021

Patricia Maldonado and Mega's headquarters Daniel Stingo: "They were scared" | TV and Show


He's been gone since that morning. Many flavorsattorney Daniel Stingo small screen continued to continue permanently. The final image was on the program. With X Hands in the doughShe revised her professional career and remembered how her beginnings were on television.

The lawyer, who talked about the potential, surrendered to the surveys of the gastronomy field, which blended the culinary art with the touches of politics, sports and entertainment.

Also one of the issues discussed Patricia Maldonado's continuity in Mega and constant debates for her words. Remember, Stingo shared it with him on the board for a few years.

Edi Does the Mega Chef complain about Paty Maldonado? In The lawyer had a question to answer, before he said that he was too scared.

"They were afraid of him, Mega's center allowed him to do what he wanted. Once someone has to talk with Patricia Maldonado & # 39; yes, someone has to talk with Patricia Maldonado & # 39; she said and said they were staying there.

According to the profession, this is due to the "personality" of which it has its own power, and the people who approve it from above. The missing counterweight in the Mega. If they have a Pinochet woman Many flavorsThere must be someone strong on the other side ", he was convicted.

Stingo also had to name the most ruthless person on television and chose Raquel Argandoña. "This is the most painful because you have a perception of not looking well"He finished it.

After leaving Mega, Stingo said he is well on the team, including Patricia Maldonado, who has political differences and is on a path of seeing life in Bienvenidos.

"He justified the violence and always did it (…) I didn't say anything new, he said he hit a bullet, I don't know who or what little kids to do. We have another school," True Lies said.

But even so, he said he was fond of it. Var When you're four years old with a person, you learn to love it with differences and have gestures of love, la he added.

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