Monday , January 18 2021

Paris Saint-Germain could be removed from the UEFA Champions League – International Football

© AFP. Paris Saint-Germain can be removed from the UEFA Champions League

Different financial situations give rise to harsh sanctions against French players.

Examination of the situation Paris Saint-Germain examples of UEFA The person responsible for the implementation of the financial fair, Court of Arbitration for Sport (TMS), UEFA Wednesday, said AFP & # 39; ye.

"Before dealing with the case, we should wait for the TMS decision on the appeal of the TGB."UEFA asked AFP's newspaper reports on Wednesday L & # 39; Equipe.

The French sports newspaper said on Wednesday that the prosecution chamber of ICFC, responsible for conducting UEFA financial fairs, wants one of the main sponsorship agreements with the Qatar Tourism Office of the PSG. (QTA) has been deducted from the club accounts of the previously approved 2013/14 and 2014/15 seasons.

This causes the PSG to be in an open position for accounting.Something forbidden by the financial fair (up to a certain point).

In 2014, the Paris club, which has been approved to finance the same contract with QTA, will be subject to severe penalties that could lead to exclusion from European competitions..

UEFA, AFP & # 39; s answered questions about this information. "We do not comment on respect for privacy and privacy." For this, the PSG referred to the decision of the arbitral tribunal.

In September 2017, ICFC launched a procedure to the PSG after the contract was signed. Neymar and Kylian Mbappé For more than 400 million euros. In June 2018, the case was closed before reopening for the "review" in September 2018.

PSG's # uncertainty # with the club's statement boasting the statement, the PSG's application to the CAS is this review. Jean-Claude BlancAFP & # 39; to. ”We cannot change the rules continuously (…) This uncertainty is not normal for a club of this magnitude and passion.“


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