Saturday , April 17 2021

Oops! ADN said Colo Colo "tried" Martín Lasarte instead of Héctor Tapia.

According to the Los Tenores program report, they use the Machete name to add them to the list from the Monumental.

Colo Colo replaces Hector Tapia With a clear profile: he knows how to handle heavy dressing rooms with a certain style of play and accomplishments in big teams.

This is under the premise and according to information received from the Los radio radio program, Blanco y Negro, UC and U. 's former co-worker Martín Lasarte & # 39;

Machete doesn't have a shed after managing Nacional in Uruguay in 2017. He would have to reformulate his technical assistant, because his assistant Rodolfo wants to steer towards Neme and with PF Marcelo Tulbovitz, River Plate in Marcelo Gallardo.

Of course, in the same program, Luka Tudor denies talking to Lasarte through Whatsapp and contacting him from Colo Colo.. Will they do it in the future?

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