Tuesday , October 19 2021

Oncology – Smoking causes 85% of lung cancer cases


After 10 years of quitting smoking greatly reduces the risk of lung cancer; And also, if these were not for the cigar, the incidence of this disease would be minimal, he said.

. 85% of these cancer cases are related to tobacco, but this rate is decreasing in Mexico, because 34% of cases are responsible for wood smoke, on said the oncology doctor for Roche Mexico.

Lung cancer, the expert explained, the lung, irregularly and does not have a normal function, lung tissue to invade and cause a change in the cells that cause errors in the organ.

"It can spread to other parts of the body, especially the brain." Said.

That is why it is the first oncological cause of the most common cancer and mortality in the world. Within a year, two million new cases were recorded and 1.7 million people died.

In Mexico, 9,000 new cases are detected annually and 22 Mexican diaries are killed daily.

One of the factors that led to an increase in the number of cases of lung cancer is that more women smoke and do so at a younger age.

Uzman The problem is that eight out of 10 people arrive at the very advanced stages of the disease, which affects a lot of deaths, “said the expert. In addition, "symptoms are not specific and therefore the doctor begins to delay the diagnosis of colds, ginger, antibiotics, and diagnosis to the patient."

Rivas explained that in advanced stages, life expectancy of the patients is five years. "Only 4% of patients diagnosed at advanced stage are still alive after five years, while others die between the first and second years of the disease," he said.

However, the treatment of lung cancer over the past decades has made great progress through the development of new therapies that have improved the survival rate of chemotherapy.

New therapies

The expert in Mexico said progress was made in terms of access to new therapies, and that today there are different alternatives for the treatment of this cancer in later stages, one of which is using immunotherapy.

This type of treatment stimulates the body's natural defenses to fight cancer. "Patients who respond with this treatment have long-term benefits. In clinical trials, in two years, 30% of patients are still alive. This has changed a lot in lung cancer expectations and treatment," he said.

Patients who do not smoke or smoke very little, but who have altered the ALK gene are intended for another treatment. ”Usually very young patients and women,“ he said.

A lung tumor with an ALK mutation is rare, but with a high morbidity, brain metastasis occurs in 60% of cases.

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