Monday , June 27 2022

Ombudsman wants to reduce fuel prices


The Ombudsman, Miguel Ángel Godoy Servín, demanded the head of Petróleos Paraguayos (Petropar), taking into account the price of oil in recent months, noting a drop in prices for different types of fuel.

According to the document submitted at the state company's offices, crude oil prices were as follows: US $ 72.28 barrel in August; September was recorded as US $ 77.18; In October, it reached US $ 79.58 and was recorded as $ 68.47 a barrel in the first half of November. In recent days, crude oil has an international price of US $ 51.51 per barrel.

The Ombudsman noted that, through the municipality, Petropar's owner stated that the rise in oil prices depends on the international price of crude oil, choosing to point to important issues for the consumer's right. Dollar

Yesterday in Chile, the decline in fuel prices and Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) prices were recorded consecutively during the fifth week. This information was approved by the President of the Republic of Chile Sebastián Piñera on his Twitter account. The president, through his social network, "means a significant relief in the pocket of all Chilean people." Said.

Petropar, the owner of PatriciaSamudio, reiterated yesterday that by Monumental radio, only at the end of the month, the possibility of reducing the price of the common engine would analyze the fuel most important for the Paraguayan economy.

At another point, he announced that if the dollar reached 450 dollars per cube of oil and the dollar remained below 6,000, there could be a greater decline in hydrocarbon prices.


The high price of crude oil and the rise of the dollar were the main reasons for pushing the emblems to increase the prices of all fuels marketed in the country in mid-September this year.

After the rearrangement, both the US currency and the price of crude oil, especially the second, showed a significant decline, but companies selling fuel in the country still maintain their prices.

For Eddie Jara, former president of Petropar, the emblems operating in the country have elements to reduce fuel prices. International oil price and dollar exchange rate are two components. This explains how much the price of fuel will be in each market, "he said.

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