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"Obese does not see this as a disease": study


Different Scars of torture in Jesus' body persecution people with obesityThe sense of society and loneliness weight gaintoday, Efe Flavia Robles, a patient who managed to overcome this disease, he said.

"One of the main problems is that the patient himself reject obesity and minimizing the problem in addition to people i don't see it as a disease and blames those who suffer for this, "International Trials announced the director of Novo Nordisk.

Robles, 30 kilograms overweight after pregnancy, said this is sick. disease They are misunderstood not only by their closest circle, but by the doctors who are not sensitive to this disease.

"Training of staff health This is an indispensable work. Verónica Vázquez thinks that an obese person is taking the doctor's attention without being tried and that patients use a more neutral language to get a better treatment.

Salvador Zubirán (INNCMSZ), an expert in the Obesity Clinic of the National Institute of Nutrition and Medical Sciences, showed that this was due to the patient being seen as guilty.

Unlike other diseases such as cancer, for example, when the patient is seen as a warrior fighting to defeat the situation, obesity always suffers.

As the problem explains, this is a chronic disease and there is no cure. obesity He's never been discharged.

In addition, Flavia Robles stated that, unlike the chronic and helpless ones, the patient usually felt lonely.

”Most of the time you can't lose weight, you think that the magic formula closes your mouth and exercise, and people see that we're not losing weight, you leave us alone, you're alone in this fight,“ he said. .

Similarly, it is often a disadvantage to find a good job or partner to share the life of the physical appearance.

Or It distinguishes at every level and in every aspect of life, Rob Robles said.

In addition, in addition, lack of empathy can lead people to not seek help in resolving this problem.

This stigmatization affects the lack of information for patients to seek comprehensive treatment options, which should also be comprehensive.

"The companion of the family is very important, because the value we give to food has been created since we were little." If the treatment lasts for life, it should be emphasized in understanding that these things can be changed, "he said.

Currently treatments like bariatric surgery Despite all his efforts, he was an excellent option for patients who failed to lose weight, but Vázquez thought the patient should be well informed about the procedure.

"All patients do not meet the criteria, but when they become candidates, it is the doctor's responsibility to explain to the patient all possible consequences of weight loss, addiction behavior, changes in their images and life," he said.

However, he said that the most important thing is to explain to people that there are no magic formulas or procedures to lose weight.this is a disease This should be treated for life and is the basis for success to stay healthy. "EFEUS to

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