Saturday , July 2 2022

#NoLoDejesPasar: 35 femicides and 104 frustrated femicides


in frame International Day Against Violence Against WomenMinister of Women and Gender Equality, Isabel Plácampaign introduced #nolodejespas isHe tries to produce "tolerance" 0 for the actions that break the dignity of women and that are dishonorable.

According to the data of this Ministry, they have been registered so far. 35 femicides and 104 women frustrated throughout 2018 National figures across the region, showing a small decrease compared to 2017, 44 women and 115 frustrated. But according to the same data, Women receive an average of 7 years to report that they are victims of domestic violence.

For Eliminates gender violence, improperly standardized and undeclared behaviors.The Ministry of Women published in it excitement A downloadable commitment to support the #NoLoDejesPasar slogan.

In the document "create space for necessary discussion and informationadopting practices and addressing issues of seriousness they deserve hak at the same time,All of us are urgentThat's why we won't let it pass through this organization and categorically reject any act of violence against women".

The Secretary General of the Government, Cecilia Pérez, she joined # NoLoDejesPasar, and released a video in her memory: "In our country, nor against women, or profanity, nor can not be avoided. "

The Minister said: "court"Between men and women" is not just advanced Pololeoda will punish violence Billbut at the same time Universal Cradle Room Project and the end of discrimination in marriage society.

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