Wednesday , December 2 2020

New heat wave warning in the city center: announced this weekend to 34º for Santiago

Winter workers: Think of buying tickets in the south this weekend. The reason is that the Chilean Meteorological Directorate will announce a new heat wave that will reach the central zone and take into account the temperatures up to 34 ° C in Santiago.

Each month, according to the climate agency, will begin Friday, this Friday when an event associated with a heat wave that will affect the regions of Valparaíso, Metropolitana and Oadad özellikle Higgins, especially on the valleys and slopes above the monthly threshold. ".


In alert releasedIn Santiago this Friday, make sure the thermometer can vary between 30º C and 32º C. However, on Saturday, the temperature will be even more repressive as it is estimated at 32ºC to 34ºC. 31 to 33 ° C

A similar event will take place in the Valparaíso region, in a place where we will wait until 34ºC, especially on next Saturday.

On the other hand, in O & # 39; Higgins District, the maximum is 31ºC on Saturdays and Sundays.

On the other hand, Maule and Concepción regions will have lower temperatures because at least 27ºC and 23ºC on Saturday. That's why he can go to those who hate the sun. +


Beyond the anecdote, the warning presented by Meteorology is also combined with the protection advice they provide from the agency.

This explains why heat waves can be a deadly phenomenon, because the deaths in Europe in 2003, when 70,000 people died because of problems related to this death in the world, have already caused death.

"Extreme temperatures seem to be the silent agents of the climate: unlike rains or hurricanes, one does not see the heat directly, which makes them more dangerous because people are referring to the high temperatures, particularly vulnerable people," on their website.

Therefore, it is necessary to seek, use sunscreen, hydrate and avoid fire risks, among others.

With this new chapter, it is worth mentioning that Santiago will experience the second heat wave in less than a week.

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