Sunday , April 11 2021

Neanderthal "Unicorn" lived with the first people

An extinct giant rhino described in some cases "Siberian unicorn" He had lived much longer than scientists on the planet, as revealed by new research.

A study published in this Monday magazine Ecology and Evolution of Nature He explained hairy creature wandered some time among peopleIn Eastern Europe and Western Asia 39,000 years, approximately the same period Neanderthals and the first modern people.

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Recent findings radiograph dating and genetic analysis were used in 23 rhino samples to reveal the mysterious life. 3.8 ton of Elasmotherium sibiricumBelieved to have been depleted about 200,000 years ago

According to the results, "Siberian unicorn", who lived in modern Russia and regions of its territory in northern China and Kazakhstan.n- was extinguished due to environmental changes affecting the species of herbs and herbs used for food. It was announced by the authors of this study Talk.

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Researchers, The horn can measure up to one meter longit was hard for him to change the herb diet.

"Like woolly rhinos, relatives (from the" Siberian unicorn ") always ate a more balanced plant diversity and were much less impressed by a change in their habitats."

They also explained that people were not the reason for the disappearance of these species.

An example of Elasmotherium by Heinrich Harder around 1908.

, In addition, the continually delimited geographical range of Elasmotherium (probably also related to its particular habitat), as well as the slow reproduction rate associated with a small population quantity and large size, extinction"The authors added.

Scientists said the destruction of the Siberian unicorn snake provided a useful case study. "Rinosun resistance to environmental change to show".

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