Saturday , November 28 2020

"My grandmother's got Alzheimer's disease and touches my face so I won't forget":

That was the fifth time he treated. María picked up her cell phone and decided to record her grandmother Milagros.He was diagnosed with Alzheimer's in 2014, but the picture began to deteriorate for eight months.

"When my grandmother said she had this disease, there was a severe blow.But in the beginning everything was still normal, perhaps it was easier with some oversight, "she explains. Infoba to.

Esi What's complicated is the worsening of the disease. In recent months, it has become quite difficult for the whole family, "added the 18-year-old woman who posted images his grandmother, the smiling, ponders her face in cares.

"My grandmother needs to touch all the facial features of my face in all the moments of joy and she says," I don't want to forget you. "I managed to record one of those timeswrote in his Twitter account, Maria. The broadcast was on monday at noon and it took more 13 thousand retweets and 103 thousand likes and more than a million reproductions.

"We come from Menorca, Spain, and the disease they identified four years ago became more difficult in recent months. She started costing people to remember, and since she doesn't recognize me lately, she has to touch my facial features. This was about four times, "said María, who finished the social baccalaureate in his country.

The images had an unexpected effect on Maria and her family. The moving video was not noticed among the users of the social network, and even a few people confessed to seeing her grandmother and crying.

“I never thought this could happen. I just published the video because it carried too much sensitivity, love and love. I wanted to share with people who followed me on Twitter. With this I have received enormous support messages from many people from all over the world and from a similar situation. All these messages have relieved me so much, I never dreamed of the great support that social networks can give you"finished the young woman.

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