Thursday , August 11 2022

Mon Laferte presents her new album "Norma"


After the success of her albums "Vol. 1" and "La trenza" of successful tours of Latin America, Spain and the United States, Mon Laferte gave us their new album NORMA to the historic and iconic Capitol Studios of Los Angeles California. Brings with completely new material saved.

NORMA consists of 10 songs with the new songs "El Beso". In this video, Diego Luna, who has a special look, said, "Why did I go to fall in love with you?" The recording of "Norma" was recorded in the legendary studios of the Capitol Records Building in Los Angeles, California. The same important artists like Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Ray Charles, The Beach have also made Boys and Green Day among others.

Norma has recorded quite an cinematic album, such as Frank Sinatra in an hour; we sing together and play 10 songs once and we already have album. There are only things that can be obtained by recording in this way, all the musicians are playing 10 songs. From the beginning of a couple's relationship, an album they met until the end of this relationship, and more like a game, a movie, an album that says it was more than an album. "Mon

The album was produced by a multi-instrumentalist, composer, writer, and director Omar Rodríguez, who led the group from El Drive in Mexico, The Drive-in and The Mars Volta. Engraved by Bruce Botnick (The Doors, The Beach Boys); It was mixed by Rich Costey (Sigur Rós, Killers, Muse) and directed by Howie Weinberg (Aerosmith, Nirvana, Bjork).

He was also nominated in the Song of the Year category for "Antes de ti" in the 19th installment of Latin Grammy, which will also have musical participation. The ceremony will be held on 15 November in Las Vegas, Nevada.

He has also recently begun a European tour in the cities of Mon Laferte, Vigo, Madrid, London, Paris, Berlin and Barcelona.

Laferte's activity doesn't stop, and Mon Laferte's "Feliz Navidad" has been released in collaboration with Gwen Stefani in the album "You Make It Feel Like Christmas".

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