Friday , March 5 2021

Minister Roberto Ampuero: "Mr. Escobar Poblete has a bear to challenge Mexican justice."

Foreign Minister Roberto Ampuerto thanked the Mexican government this afternoon for a decision to extradite Raúl Escobar Poblete, the former front leader, to stand trial for Senator Jaime Guzmán in Chile.

The Chilean diplomacy chairman confirmed that the defendant had only one month to appeal against Aztec justice.

Chilean foreign minister stressed that "Comandante Emilio" was "held in Mexico because of her role in kidnapping and tremendous brutal kidnapping".

He also said the judicial decision "clearly reveals Mexico's commitment to fight terrorism, organized crime, justice and inter-state co-operation".

"At the same time, it also expresses our confidence in the rule of law in our country," he added.

"Sometimes justice takes time, but this comes and we are moving in our way and in the right direction," the Foreign Minister said. Said.

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