Thursday , August 5 2021

Mendoza officials toured China's largest electric vehicle factory

With more than 20 plants and 220 thousand employees, BYD is one of the most important technology companies in China.. The official delegation came to the central office headed by the Minister of Economy, Infrastructure and Energy Martín Kerchner and was taken by the company's most prominent managers.

Visits to seduce the eastern company to establish a subsidiary in MendozaIncluding a tour of industrial buildings and production lines of electric cars and buses and rechargeable batteries.

"Approaching such industries We want to deepen a relationship that allows the landing of a company of this size in Mendoza for the development of the largest technology and battery"Said Kerchner.

Mendoza officials toured China's largest electric vehicle factory

Even though the firm started the installation of a collective production facility, Kerchner felt that Mendoza's obstacle could not be a hindrance. "Their batteries have the main input of lithium in the northwest of the country, and therefore placing a nearby industry allows to significantly reduce the cost of production and the final export of the product.", The Minister analyzed.

The delegation was created by Energy Undersecretary Emilio Guiñazú and Mario Lázzaro, director of ProMendoza. The company, Jonathan Ríos.

"The potential arrival of BYD is in line with our strategy of linking local companies with foreign investors related to renewable energies.. Guiñazú, we hope to be able to advance and identify these common points we find between Mendoza and the company.

ByD is the world leader in the sales of electronic vehicles with over 113,000 units throughout the third consecutive year. In 1995, he was born to a small company that provided batteries to companies related to his cell phone. In 2003 he bought a car manufacturing facility and began developing prototypes and in 2005 won his first car, developed for the market.

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