Wednesday , October 20 2021

Matías Firpo, the main attacker on the Boca bus: "I couldn't control myself" | spore


After spending 48 hours in prison and being released this Thursday Matías FirpoThe River Plate fan is responsible for the targeted host Grinding to Boca Juniors busHe spoke to the media.

He said he was upset about what happened before the TN cameras. "I went with friends, with my family, there was a moment when I couldn't control the impulse that I regret,"said.

This line added: "The activity of every human being, as I did, was a part of it.".

Finally, Firpo dealt with events that took place on November 24th. "I always go to Quinteros, the police had cut the street and they didn't let it pass because too many people were gathering there. We never thought the microphone would run around because there were a lot of people and there was confusion when the bus arrived.Cops saw what they had seen pushing people back, "he hung up.

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