Wednesday , December 1 2021

Marriott shaken by the second largest cyber attack in history


Since 2014, Hackers have access to personal data from the Starwood unit of over 500 million passengers, including passports, credit cards, addresses, and email content. The action falls for fear of sanctions.

Marriott International Since 2014, he has attacked a computer in Starwood's backup database, one of the biggest data violations in history.

The attack is not only due to its size, but also to Potentially stolen detail level by attackers. Hacking affects some 500 million passengersand about 327 million their included data Passport numbers, credit card information, addresses and e-mailssaid Marriott.

Security breach This was to be achieved in 2013, along with more than 3 billion users, in Yahoo. Marriott shares down 5.6% In operations before the market.

Possible penalties

Regulators and consumers are intensifying their sanctions against companies experiencing security breaches, as these attacks are becoming increasingly severe. Last year Target agreed to pay $ 18.5 million In 2013 to close investigations developed in various states for an attack Equifax face to face legal action billions of dollars and a regulatory inquiry.

"Notice that the company is so big The authorities may face a huge fine and the market is thinking about it "Juan José Fernández Figares, chief analyst at Link Securities in Madrid, said. ”This is another hacked company and a reminder to any company that manages the personal data of customers they need to make more efforts to protect against future attacks.“

The announcement of Marriott indicates that piracy took place many years before the company acquired Starwood in an agreement worth about US $ 13,600 million in September 2016. Marriott database, reservations made on Starwood properties until 10 September 2018. For some, it also included the details of the payment card. It didn't determine who the perpetrators were, Marriott said.

Although Marriott has encrypted information such as credit card numbers, it did not exclude the possibility of stealing enough details to resolve this information.

The company reported the incident to the police and continued to support the investigation and also began to inform the regulatory authorities.

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