Friday , October 22 2021

Marlen Olivarí tries to hareket fanatize Che the feminist movement after leaving MCC's sonra Che Copete Mar


TVN was the scene of the Good Morning series. Marlen Olivarí against the feminist movement, This demanded women's rights to the streets of Santiago and the world.

As a result of this the departure of the comedian Ernesto Belloni Morandé con Compañía, the popular program for the famous "Che Copete" for 16 years.

Olma I feel they're fusing with a super-small group of fanatical feminists, and they are limiting the freedom of women to win for hundreds of years, which can be what we want. The only thing that needs to be changed is how he sees and treats the woman.Marlen assured Olivar.

Before the declaration, the celebrity was questioned by María Luisa Godoy, who said it was not a small movement but a global one.

But the surprise, before affirming, caused Olivarí's rejection: "no."


"No, womans dressing", Model was accepted.

"I sometimes think of myself as a feminist and I don't try to let anyone hire a sexy woman, which is happening."

Bulundu There are too many players and they've got a bit of a job, because they're connected, some ladies are angry, bu he added, referring mainly to his partner, Betsy Camino.

"Forget that the object exists in the woman, because it does not move. comedy, show, show … I feel sorry for the people in their homes who see themselves as a family opinion. Then what's so funny and fun? "Said.

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