Tuesday , October 19 2021

Marcelo Díaz went into immortality in Germany with a book reminiscent of the goal of saving immortality in Germany.


Marcelo Díaz takes immortality in Germanysince the beginning of a book in honor of Historic destination that saves Hamburg from the fall of 2014-15 season.

"Diaz's stroke, a moment for eternity", Diaz's heroic movement is called a reminding broadcast, a non-target hit the HSV's history for the first time in history prevented the category. Three years later, and without Carepato, the team fell after a terrible campaign in the Bundesliga.

The German publishing house Junius's book examines Diaz's orbit in Hamburg on page 136in particular, it looks to this goal against Karlsruher, which means the miraculous liberation of the German team.

"There are many football moments that are boring and banal. But there are other people who break hearts, shake sounds, and weep when people remember. Even after years. Marcelo Díaz's free-kick goal was a real existential phenomenon at the end of the 2014-2015 season in Hamburg's 91st minute."says the description of the book.

He also asks HSV fans:Where were you that night? Where were you when you finished? Everybody who feels Hamburg knows exactly what he's doing right now".

On this line, the text "the moment and that action before and after the hours, minutes and seconds"and it allows"The reader will experience everything that the fans live: hope, fear, tears and happiness. A reporter looking for words. Van der Vaart is dreaming of the auction. The barrier and the heart of Hamburg do not stop hitting a goalkeeper ".

The great goal of Marcelo Díaz, who saved Hamburg in 2015

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