Tuesday , October 19 2021

Manu Chao divided the song to River and Boca before the final of the Copa Libertadores | society


Manu Chao, famous French singer, surprised Separate a song to fans of River Plate and Boca JuniorsThis Sunday will be the final of Copa Libertadores at the Santiago Bernabeú stadium.

He is a singer-songwriter on his Twitter account.All my brothers in Argentina. We are carrying you in our hearts !!!! Thanks so much for the wave and brotherhood! Don't miss your pavements … Every corner … Boca River in Floresta. Thanks to Gastón, Pocho, Waldo and his family. Ulysses Very Strong. "

In the images, a message of brotherhood and peace was perceived among the Argentine fanatics. "Brothers can be united"he says part of it.

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