Sunday , December 6 2020

Maluma stumbles: now says he hasn't left the stage

Maluma, his followers shared a message shared on the network. Inside he explained He took away the music to take a break. Her fanatics could not understand her decision. Anyway, hours later the singer broke down and announced that he wasn't in the plans to leave the music.

Interpreter Happy Four I was shown in a video and added the following text: "Here's your retirement, yes, folks & # 39; yes." In the following story, Instagram's stories in Colombia, appear half-naked, enjoy a day in the sun and laughs. "I like the joke, they made me laugh, the joke was very good, I'm here … to retire calmly … to read so much shit … man", he says in the middle of laughter.

Artist is coming to conclude successful tour F.A.M.E TourHe directed him to play in various countries. He did a great show on the hippodrome in Palermo, Argentina. He took time to read each of his fans' messages, and even Ş got married “with someone, and drew a picture of this idol and white ready to cross the altar.

Recently Maluma Recognized in Latin Grammy In the Best Pop Vocal Album category, this seems like a dream, people who know me know I work hard for it. I was one of the most nominated last year and went home without a single award. I have a candidate today and I have a Grammy in my hand, thank you very much, "he said while receiving a prize.

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