Friday , October 22 2021

Lucas Barrios bid farewell with an emotional message


On Monday, he departed from Colo Colo and showed himself on social networks throughout the day.

At a surprise and surprise conference, Lucas Barrios unveils his departure from Colo Colo last Monday. Progress did not give details, but a divided Colo Colo said.

The Argentine Paraguayan, which was only five months in the second cycle in Argentina, was manifested by social networks and sent an emotional farewell message.

Ocol I wanted to say goodbye to all the club officials, and during that time, I thanked my team-mates, the coaching team, all the players, the good times, and the bad times, with the unconditional support of all the colocolinos. Chile, which always treats me with great respect and love, I came to say goodbye today and thank you for opening the doors to be in a country that I love very much, especially I will be grateful to be a part of Chilean football. I don't hug all the followers of a big club like Colo Colo and wish them the best for next year. Barrios wrote.

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