Tuesday , September 28 2021

Llanquihue Hospital complements Mapuche medicine and wellness

Advances in Intercultural Health have been achieved by Llanquihue Hospital through continuous work with indigenous peoples, which has resulted in the provision of complementary care to users who need it.

This was reaffirmed by the birth of a baby in an intercultural delivery, which was possible after a previous preparation where traditional and Mapuche medicine worked together.

Midwife Danae Cruz says a Mapuche couple came to seek care because they weren’t well received elsewhere: “We looked after her, adjusted to her needs and checked her pregnancy, luckily everything always went well,” she comments.

In parallel with the clinical care, the couple continued in the spiritual company of lawentuchefe, who completed both drugs during the woman’s pregnancy.

Ariel Cae, father of the newborn baby from Frutillar, appreciated the help, explained, “At Llanquihue Hospital, they respected our time and our culture because for Mapuche, the devotion is to the land and to nature, a spiritual commitment because our mother is the land.”

“We celebrate, we want to make this good practice visible and show that both systems can work together for the good of people,” said Pedro Catrilef, lonco, Llanquihue.

Regarding cross-cultural health, Cristóbal Suazo, director of Llanquihue Hospital, said he was proud of the process. “Cultural integration is very important for the hospital, so we implement protocols to facilitate the moral support of people who are hospitalized and taken into care with lawentuchefe.”

Expressing that there is a mutual learning about pregnancy and childbirth accompaniment, the director said, “We believe that it is possible to integrate two drugs, on the one hand, ensuring the safety of the mother and the child, and on the other hand, the safety of the mother and child. on the other hand, it brings culture, family and beliefs closer. “We can get to know each other better and add more tools to ensure quality of care.”

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