Monday , June 27 2022

League of Legends (LoL): Infinity eSports is renewed with three Peruvi [VIDEO] | esports


& # 39; & # 39 Infinity; is back! After the World Cup experience, Infinity eSports proved to be the strongest team Latin America betweenLeague of Legends. These days we have entered the stage of signing and many gossips on the continuity of continuity came to the agenda. Three Peruvian the team

Well, today the team's squad was approved for the 2019 season. Latin American League between lol. From left to right, Renato " Renyi"Gallegos, Diego."maple"Chang and Diego"SolidSnake"Vallejo, three players bringing bicolor. Worlds 2018 and today they renewed their contract with the team.

José on the other hand residue"Pombo, Venezuela's best leader and Sergio"Cotopaco"Silva, Colombia's forest, also renewed the contract, came to support Stiven in support of the stand-in"Choisix"Cordero, a house player: Costa Rica.

He will face other teams chosen for the first season. Latin American League 2019 between League of Legends. But the signatures were no surprise, Carlos " Akari"Calderón will assume the role of" coach " Infinity eSports.

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