Sunday , April 11 2021

Landing on Mars: Celebration of NASA at the time the InSight probe reaches the red planet

The ship will be the first to place a seismograph on Mars soil to analyze the "drifting" of this planet.

The mission has the means to drill the surface to a depth that can never be reached and thus to measure the seismic movements of the red planet.

  • The InSight mission descends to Mars: Why is it so hard to reach the red planet?

However, in order to achieve its goal, InSight had to overcome a difficult test that failed many other missions: descend on the surface of Mars.

Almost two-thirds of previous initiatives failed.

The time between the atmosphere and the landing was a delicate operation that forced a speed of 8 kilometers per hour to 19,800 kilometers per hour, reducing the speed of the ship at just 7 minutes.

The operation was observed in the control room of the Reaction Repellent Laboratory in NASA, California, where its mission was followed.

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