Wednesday , October 5 2022

Josefina Montané surprised Gervasio's remembrance


The player commented for the "Santiago's Sunday" music program with "A shovel and a hat".

He is a versatile artist. In addition to being a player, model and impressive, Josefina Montané, interpretation interpreter agate in "Blood Treaty"She also sings and has recently performed a great performance.

Montané had an impact on the last part of the musical season this weekend "A Sunday in Santiago"Where different national actors meet Talk about music and comment on your favorite songs.

Josefina decided to sing. "With a shovel and a hat", One of the most famous songs of the late singer-songwriter Gervasio.

With your official Instagram account (until @pin_mont) Pin discovered that he chose this theme as a way to thank his father, as he called it. "fill my life with music".

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