Monday , June 27 2022

Javier Macaya, other candidate for UDI presidency


The deputy, with the UDI chairman Jacque-line minibus Rysselberghe, will participate in the most controversial vote in the party's history. On the road to La Serena, how to defeat his guides and the current president of the senator …

At the summit of a nationwide tour that will be elected as the UDI chairman on December 2, and thus "reclaim the mystery of our party", Javier Macaya MP visited the region.

That day, the current president will confront Senator Jacque-line van Rysselberghe, "The UDI's vote on the most controversial vote in all political parties under history and voters under a militant system," said the parliamentary, an uncertain prognosis of everything. he admitted that he had left behind, "although we have empathized with militants throughout the whole process and we humbly believe in doing a connected business. The country, so we will win and we do it on the belief that we have to work with unity after 2 December".

What motivated him to lead the UDI?
«We are a political party that has been the most influential in our country for many years. Today, we need a new impulse, which needs to be renewed, looking to the future, and if we cannot project ourselves into the future, it is almost all the time of political indifference. And in this sense, we believe that this project can be the most important party in our country with a greater unity and a better understanding of the future. "

Has mystery lost UDI with its last presidents?
. However, we were not enthusiastic at all and we could not see the importance of our business in the popular world for us. The first event in all of our visits to the regions made this wonderful with the popular world that UDI has found in this work, with the most humble people and with the popular world that can make politics from ideas. Then we believe that we can find the next project of our party in the same place ».

So they're not popular parties anymore …
Da I ​​believe that the UDI is still popular, because it is in its essence, but we have to make it visible, publicly questionable, if not reactive, positive in our Agenda, not being able to react to the left at all times, environment, culture, human rights. in UDI needs to be affected again. expresses rid of mysticism ».

What advantages do you have on your opponent?
"First of all, I think five of the former UDI presidents are supporting us and the other two are among the support issues. From this point of view, all the presidents of the party who have voiced their opinion support us".

Will he reach this support to defeat Van Rysselberghe?
Ar I think it's important because it reflects more strongly with the game and connects. Most of the MPs support us and also parliamentary leaders, and we therefore believe that with what the party wants for the future, we should always renew our history without the need to look at the future. Our basic values ​​and principles ».

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