Monday , December 6 2021

Iván Zamorano gives massage to all famous teleton operators of Telethon | notes


Being a Telethon operator is a difficult task because it usually means spending a few hours without sleeping.

For example, in the afternoon an animator in an activator Francisco Saavedra She confessed that some of her friends had not slept for a while, but had never slept.

Recognizing how difficult this work will be, the "captain" of the history of telephone operators, the former footballer Ivan Zamorano made a unique gift to his comrades.

According to Saavedra, the LUN gave all the massages to the athlete. "The only regret we had was that Iván (Zamorano) took us to a masseur to get out of the stress. Then we'll be back with him for twenty minutes."commented.

"They were massaging my back, Ivan spoiled the legs and Fernando Godoy after imitating Mon Laferte. Laf Indeed, the two captains, this year's Bam Bam and Godoy, carried the seven of their history"she loved it.

. He even came up with some delicious sushi and bloodsuckers.

Michelle Adam said the masseuse was Carlos Jara from the Chilean showbiz. "I didn't massage because my back wasn't hurt, but they told me it was dry," he explained.

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