Monday , December 6 2021

"It did not have a bath in Teletin": physical appearance in the office attracted laughter in networks | the Telethon


As with Fernando Solabarrieta, there are a few celebrities who go to different cities to take the pulse of the donors.

The sports commentator came to a branch of Banco de Chile for an office in Viña del Mar, although he was not alone accompanied by the famous teletine.

The image of the sex quickly caught the audience's attention in a certain detail: Part of the head was very dirty.

Twitter and jokes on the social network were not waiting on Twitter. where several people bathe & # 39; Or at least she had to change the dress.





"Teletin is more dirty than Viña" or "This Teletin is devoid of a bathroom."There were some comments left by the funny moment.

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