Saturday , July 2 2022

Intendente Martínez breaks off cruise cruise to San Antonio in the midst of harbor travel | National


Regional Mayor Jorge Martínez due to the deviation of the French ship "Le Boreal" to San Antonio harbor conflict Valparaíso & # 39;.

In this sense, the authority has ensured that this philosophy, though San Antonio has presumed to have conditions that enable these ships to choose operators as a target, is currently being secured. "Everyday workers" yes one produces direct effect The decision to choose one or another marine terminal.

Specifically, this is the French cruiser 142 meters long and over 200 tons, Your reservation request is officially made for this Saturday.

In this context, Jorge Martinez confirmed this information and regretted the deviation of a ship that is currently under repair. Floating Scaffolding Sociber III.

First, he would stay in the commune and use this port as the starting point for his journey from Chile to Argentina. However, this will not happen anymore.

The maximum regional authority says that the damage to Valparaíso is tremendous, saying they will continue to mediate in a conflict from Intendancy. special between the results are in the public interest.

The migration of the ship to San Antonio is only consulted if it corresponds to such a conjunctural conflict, or because of the proximity of this last port to Casablanca, considering that these vessels have more capacity and more attractive conditions for their operators. As far as the wine sector is concerned, Martínez has agreed to these conditions, but the damage caused by the uncertainty based on such conflict – undeniable.

These last statements of the mayor were made after the last summit of the port cities. It had already been planned and attended by the Minister of Housing Cristián Monckeberg, from whom he came to offer the progress of a housing-related issue. The project of the port of Valparaíso The opening of the Món Barón sector.

What is the relationship to the harbor conflict? Too much 14 hectares The location of this initiative is considered by the transport associations as one of the major problems of the port terminal and as a major solution for storage in the dispute, derived from other things.

In this context, Cristián Monckeberg assured that the coastal border should have a mixed use of this sector, yes citizen march and port use, Something that can help solve the depressed port activity. Of course he said "The future of the port of Valparaíso (Pier) does not pass through the Baron".

In addition, the port conflict does not show any significant development to be solved.

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