Wednesday , December 1 2021

Indies News: Animus: Stand Alone, Starman, Rad Rodgers, Madoris R and Demetrios: GREAT Wry Adventure –


One more day, we bring a daily collection of indie news that comes to us every day, so you never miss it. Please note that the announcements of new games and the news of individuals have been published separately for you to hear them.

We only include here launch dates, minor updates, fragments and gameplay You can find out more about each title of the indie games of the moment next to the links to the original news. Without further delay, we leave you with today's news:

Check-out dates

  • Animus: Staying Alone: approved Japanese eShop on December 6, in Europe eShop on December 24th and January 3 in Nintendo Switch's American eShop. We leave you with a new trailer:

  • Starman: Nintendo Switch is listed on eShop on December 13th.

Other news

  • Rad Rodgers: Amazon Canada has released the Nintendo Switch game card, which was added to the previous view in tables according to age, and soon increased the chances of getting the game platform to be announced.


  • Madoris R: First glance

  • Demetrios: The Great Sinic Adventure: New game

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