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In the last days of Freddie Mercury, how was 27 years after his death?


By Marianela Insua Escalante

"I don't want to go into history as one of those people who are concerned, I'm not going to be like Eva Perón. I hope I will be something that has created something or invented something after death.. The crown was already heavy Freddie Mercury and it was clear that his mission on Earth had been fulfilled with these words. She has lived her life and made many people happy. 27 years after his death queen he keeps doing it.

The comparison with the humble Argentinean flag bearer stems from the book "Freddie Mercury, who described her life by herself" (Greg Brooks and Simon Lupton, Editions Robinbook), suggesting that Freddie could not be a man of longevity. He said he did not expect to grow old and could not live until he was 70 years old. "It would be very boring". Finally, on Sunday, November 24, 1991, at the age of 45, he died from Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) for a bronchopneumonia caused by the wickedness of approximately four years.

The day before, on 23 January, the singer received a note acknowledging her acceptance of the virus: "Based on the great assumptions made in the press for the past two weeks, I would like to confirm that I am HIV-positive and have AIDS, I think that protects the privacy of those around me but it was time for me to know the truth of the fans and my friends around the world, join my doctors and everyone around the world, and my sincerity has always been something special for me and I've been busy doing a few interviews, so please understand that this will continue. And so, in less than 24 hours, this communication would be the last.

The term Zoroastrianism is derived from the Greek Zoroastrian or Zoroastrian, the Persian prophet of this belief. The "enlightened" was born in Iran in the sixth century BC. and Christianity encouraged this religion, which was older than Judaism and Islam. He is also considered to be one of the first monotheistic religions of Ahura Mazda whom he adored to his gods. For this reason, Zoroastrianism is called Zoroastrianism.

This holiness symbolized by fire, Farrokh BulsaraThis was the name of Parsi from Freddie until he became an ash in Zanzibar. The queen's dismissal of the deadly remains of the singer did not take half an hour. Everything took place in London's West Cemetery, and the funeral was performed by two Indian priests Parisi. The Zoroastrians, like the Bulsara family, prayed passages from the Avesta (the holy text of the Zoroastrian) in the presence of Freddie's father, Bomi, his mother Jer, and his sister Kasmira. She was also the associate of Mary Austin, a former associate, friend, judge, and half-fortune.

In Bombay, Parsis still exposes vultures to the sun until they flow. But in England, they prefer cremation. Even in India, this practice is questioned because they are less and less vultures, the bodies accumulate outside, and the Zoroastrians begin to see that their loved ones have not started properly.

Freddie's farewell, pink roses Elton John contrasts with yellow bouquets David Bowie. Elton was not the only rock in this ceremony, Bowie. With more than thirty non-families, there were only members of the Queen and a few friends. Away from the Gargantuan and multiplayer festivals, the singer was accompanied by his closest and closest relatives. Freddie's coffin found the classic Rolls-Royce and a red rose on it.

Mercury's clear wishes were heard at the farewell ceremony, with different songs that he liked to hear. stole Aretha Franklin and also Montserrat CaballéWho commented on the classic "Barcelona"?". And he was a friend of his. They say the singer has been obsessed with the voice of Caballé since she heard it in the Royal Opera House in London. Balloon in MascheraFrom Verdi, 1983. In time, they were intrigued by her knowledge and could work together.

Freddie, together with soprano, sang the song he composed for Barcelona in 1987 and became very close friends. The song, a few months after the singer's death, was a hymn for the Spanish city during the celebration of the 1992 Olympic Games. "He got his illness with great stoicism and honesty, because Freddie was always very free and very sick in music because he was in the path of carrying his illness," says Montserrat. Caballé years after TVE.

Caballé was one of those who knew about Freddie's illness, suffering and short life expectancy. Soprano said: "He told me a very simple phrase, but it covers everything: Look at Montse, everyone in life is on its way and carrying his luggage, there's everything we have to carry in it. I carried my luggage and you carry yours, so throwing it off is no good, because I have to move it & # 39;. It is a very philosophical way to see its short future. "

The soprano, who lost his life in October of this year, had the authority to speak about the singer because he was very close and respected. In an interview to launch olm Barcelona ya in a television interview, Freddie agreed that the Spaniard was his favorite:, Working with him, like a dream, was like a dream that was happening now. or he was going to accept it, then I spread the rumors to the recording company among my friends and finally he reached the ears of Montsi and he said yes, that was one of the things. They went well, for the first time I went to Barcelona to see him, I played a few bars and I liked it, now it was a rocker ".

The last disc of Queen Freddie's work, says most of this bitterly sweet scene where the band is reunited to make music and throw it unconsciously into a friend. glance In February 1991, Latin name came up with a Latin name, which means something like "insinuation" or "indirect".

During the first sessions, the record was recorded between the Mountain Studios in Montreux, Switzerland, and finally the Metropolis Studios in London, England. At that moment Brian May and Roger Taylor they were working on parallel projects and John Deacon it almost didn't go as far as creativity. Although Freddie's disease progressed, the star wrote all the songs and sang almost no problems.

The playlist makes this album the perfect ending for a perfect band. Premonitory letters, secret messages, memorable refrains. "These are the days of our lives" ("Bad things in life, those days are gone, but one thing is certain, when I look and I find you, I still love you, you can't go back, you can't return the tide."To the epic final of "Show Must Go On""The show must go on … inside me, my heart is breaking, my makeup may be peeling, but my smile is still there"). Each of these parts lists is another reason for worshiping Mercury.

Freddie, with his light and entertaining spirit, did not think that 27 years later he would continue to celebrate his music and his image. The scandal modestly stated when he made this statement that collected the book. Freddie Mercury, his life …: "When I die, I want to be remembered as a value and a musician of matter, I don't know how to be remembered, I don't think about it, I'm going to die, I don't really think:" God! Will they remember me? "Depends on people. Who cares, when he dies? Not me!".

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