Friday , October 22 2021

"I'm the real Ronaldo & # 39; yum": Compared to Christian & # 39; expression | football


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Historical and excluded old football player Ronaldo Luiz Nazario from Lima joke about name matching Cristiano RonaldoAlthough Portuguese values ​​its orbit, it is to be sure that it is "real."

He is now in a dialogue with the press in Mexico, where he visited the Brazilian real world. Ronaldo was asked who he was. In reply, laughing replied "I'm real Ronaldo 'yum"Expressions taken by Goal.

"This is me and none other than me"The attacker continued, adding that "they were not deprived of the rights of others seeking them." Of course, when you talk about Juventus now, the & # 39; Phenomenon & # 39; did not mention praise, "Cristiano deserves everything she wins."

"You can't compare it, there are thousands of criteria for comparisons.but I am so proud of everything I have achieved as a player, "the strike closed, he added two world cup championshipswith Scored 15 goals In such tournaments with the Brazilian team. In addition, clubs and individual prizes have accumulated a number of crowns at the level. One of the most outstanding strikes in world football history.

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