Tuesday , October 19 2021

If you find me outrageous, go with the following: Loreto Aravena's answer after uploading the video without makeup | TV and Show


A few days ago player Loreto Aravena He has released a video showing the effects of extreme makeup that he has to use for the TV series Blood Treaty.

The clip showed some buds in her skin and how a cream helped her. However, not all of his followers took the picture well. In fact, some "trolls" criticized the actress and claimed that her beauty rested on her makeup.

Aravena, who generally responded to the attacks of the pains, did not remain silent and shared a strong message against those who spoke with him.

"I remember talking about the concept of beauty for hours at college. Beauty moves in. What does it mean to walk to another or another that is ugly or ugly?" When this happens, do not reflect more than the decay or decay you are in."Wrote on Instagram.

"If you find me ugly, go on. Such an interpretation merely reflects the decay of the soul, Böyle he added.

“It's always nice to me & # 39; or I'm not interested in showing makeup. My daughter's beautiful & # 39; I don't care that you believe being beautiful or beautiful. Yes, my face is disturbing, yes I have acne, yes, I have hair and what?"He finished it.

A few months ago, let's remember that he published a powerful message against the followers who criticized the character of the actress. Single Repeat 3especially after Susy falls into the trap of a photographer, whom she claims to be a celebrity in Miami, her main goal is to record a video of a sexual nature.

Aravena said in her speech on Twitter that something has happened da something brave for the change;, comments like y webeo loves po # or ğı looks at the topic of SusyEnPeligro yap.

"Do you really think so?the actress added.

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