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"I think the built-in lifestyle leads to obesity in Magallanes"

Lobesity is still a problem for the country and above allor
For the Magallanes District. A new report appeared this week
United Nations Organization
Food and Agriculture (FAO) showing Chile as a country
The highest obesity index in women in South America.

"Food and Nutrition Security Panorama in America
Latina and Caribbean 2018 "31% of the female population above the age of 18
year offers this situation.

In detail, this study showed that legal age men in Chile reached obesity levels. In South America, the second place is 24.9%.

Latest data from the latest National Health Survey
2016-2017 is more than 13.6% in children under the age of six in Magallanes.
show obesity, and the situation is observed in people aged 14 to 64

Regional views

prior to
This, Magallanes Ministry of Health, Mariela Rojas, said "
Obesity is a regional national problem and not only in women
but it is also the most serious thing in men and men.

As Policies
we are working on several fronts and we hope
good results, although not fast,
Especially cultural change with sedentary lifestyle and type
Food, I think what sedentary lifestyle takes us to?
Obesity. "

Another section, in times of Magallanes, is the Undersecretariat of Networks.
Asistenciales doctor Luis Castillo, "one of obesity
Not just women, more than Chile
obese, childhood obesity is a very serious problem and overweight
Same. It is an inseparable approach that we must solve.
The section is not only about health, but also
training and physical exercise.

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