Wednesday , December 2 2020

"I hope we don't repeat the scandal and 94 shame"

In 1994, there was a similar situation. In the final of the U tournamentCatholic University and the University of Chile They came to fight hand in hand, & # 39; UC & # 39; pointed and escorted as & # 39; Blues & # 39 ;.

& # 39; U & # 39; won a controversial goal Marcelo Salas for the minimum account, and in the absence of two dates & # 39; Crusaders & # 39; took leadership. Eventually, those who were led by Jorge Socías were wandering around. One of those who suffered in his own flesh was this unfortunate situation. Néstor & # 39; Pipo & # 39; Gorosito, He spoke to the third and remembered this campaign.

"If you didn't have any doubts & # 39; U & # 39; there were arbitration aids. As far as I understand that they have a very good team, I accept that the referees are very traitors with no problem.La Tercera & # 39; s said cross-idol.

"Al Beto (Acosta) suspended me by shouting a goal, it took me & # 39; they threw against him and in the same game he did not make an accusation and ended up as an end. And what we would say against Cobresal in the last game, if it were absolutely embarrassingor added.

But the & # 39; Pipo & # 39; there he stayed, "The referee Carlos Robles, I got the University Classic for three minutes of yellow, which was a target five yards ahead of Salas, scandalous."Then, when the # 39 Pipo is out, & # 39; U & # 39; champion, 'Frei said after seeing his father.

Gorosito didn't stop there and commented "Foz Ovalle scored a goal for Cobresal at the last date and said, son U & # 39; they invented a punishment for it, because we won and they escaped.".

Eventually, she asked "I hope the same thing does not happen now, the scandal and shame of this championship will not be repeated.".

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