Wednesday , October 20 2021

Hype for Chile to draw for Women's World Cup | spore


This Saturday will be the draw of the Women's World Cup France 2019 and Chile already knows which hype will be.

FIFA decided to divide all teams divided into four zones according to the rankings.

There were five array titles in it: United States, Canada, Germany, Australia and local France.

Our country – this will be the first in the championship – while they will also be part of the last draw deception Argentina, Nigeria, Cameroon, South Africa and Jamaica.

The only rule for the suitability of the six groups would be the geographical area: no selection can be matched to one of the same classification regions. Excluding European players.

The drums of the tournament that will be played between June 7 and July 7 next year are as follows:

Bombo 1: France, USA, Germany, UK, Canada, Australia.

Bombo 2: Japan, Brazil, Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, Norway.

Bombo 3: South Korea, China, Italy, Scotland, New Zealand, Thailand.

Bombo 4: Argentina, Nigeria, Chile, Jamaica, Cameroon, South Africa.

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