Saturday , April 17 2021

Huawei Chile makes fun of iPhone in the recreation of the iPhone's "Pacto de Sangre" series

We have always seen that manufacturers are mocked about competition, especially Huawei and Samsung. However, this always happens in other countries.

But Huawei Asians wanted import these stunning regiments to our countryTaking advantage of the success of a night's lift "Blood Treaty" It is currently forwarded in Chile.

And who will be the victim at this opportunity?

Thing, iPhone we saw one of the heroes of soap opera being buried by Benjamín Vial (played by Álvaro Espinoza) He is bored (with iPhone) and always have to adapt to him because of social pressure.

Trinidad Errázuriz (commented by Ignacia Baeza) added that the new Huawei Mate 20 Pro was also added. the most intelligent and not surprising.

We leave you the video of this unexpected scene recreated by Huawei Chile:

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