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How to download WhatsApp for Android tablets – Technology News – Technology


Note that this does not mean that you can use the app on two devices at the same time.


IOS users can listen to voice messages when using another application or closing the screen.



30 November 2018, 05:01.

So far, if a user wanted to access WhatsApp on an Android tablet, they had to do it via a file with the extension .apk (a download package for the Android operating system). However, according to WaBetaInfo expert site, The messaging app can now be downloaded directly from the Google Play store on these devices.

For now, only those belonging to the company's beta program will be able to access this option.

This option did not approve WhatsApp if it was officially enabled for all users.

Keeping this new possibility in mind doesn't mean you can use the same WhatsApp account on two devices. When you enter the Android tablet, your profile will be disabled immediately on your mobile phone.

Recently, platform new functions Combining stickers in chats listening to sounds and listening before sending them; and prioritizing the activities of specific users.


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