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How is development going and when will we see Final Fantasy XVI? The creator reveals that

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Final Fantasy XVI It was unveiled to great fanfare during last year’s PlayStation Showcase, but months have passed and we haven’t heard much more about Square Enix’s new JRPG. The game was rumored to be in Sony’s latest presentation, but in reality it was one of its major shortcomings.

The project is said to require a 4-year development period, but for now we only know general details about its history and protagonists. The producer of the game, Naoki Yoshida, recently talked about how its development is going and when we can look at the game again.

The creator was clear and stated that he would rather make a big statement about the game than make small updates. So nothing has been shown for now and it looks like it will take me quite a few months to see F again.inal Fantasy XVI.

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how is the development Final Fantasy XVI?

Yoshida shared good news with the players as a development. Final Fantasy XVI is on a good track. The creator revealed that the script for the game’s main story is now ready, which is a significant advance for the project.

On the other hand, we know that the audio recordings, including the English voice overs, are almost complete. Yoshida made sure that the visual quality was maintained and they are currently working on a few key features that have yet to be announced.

The creator looks confident as he prepares something surprising for the game’s next launch. “I’m not providing more information just for the sake of information, but I want the next information to be something that will convince everyone to buy the game,” Yoshida said. Said.

These words moved many players who were waiting for the title; however, if you are one of them, we recommend that you be patient and cautious. Since this all points to it Final Fantasy XVI will not be shown anytime soon.

When will they show more Final Fantasy XVI?

Yoshida also mentioned an uncertain date to show more of the game. Initially, he stated that his plan is to reveal something within the framework of Tokyo Game Show 2021, which is scheduled for September 30th to October 3rd.

Unfortunately, to everyone’s surprise, this advancement was probably not possible as there was little time to prepare, he explained. “I want to show you something, but I hope you understand. Anyway, they’ll be able to play when it’s released,” the producer added.

Finally, Yoshida emphasized: Final Fantasy XVI It won’t be at the Japan event, and there’s no confirmed date for it to be announced for now.

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Final Fantasy XVI It will be released exclusively on PlayStation 5. You can find more news about the franchise if you check this page.


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