Tuesday , August 3 2021

How Black Friday survives companies

Black Friday came ahead of China Singles Day. This last event, which took place on November 11th, started at Nanjing University in 1993 and consisted of single bidders who bought gifts for themselves. What started as an attempt to artık fight ın against Valentine's Day has now become the world's largest shopping activity. Consumers broke a record of $ 25.3 billion on products last year on Bachelor's Day and surpassed US $ 19,600, which was jointly spent on Thanksgiving and Cyber ​​Monday in the United States. In addition, the expectations in 2018 were exceeded and the figure could be up to 27%.

Is it really possible for citizens to continue to spend an exponential growth rate every year? At what point will we be disappointed in the commercial vacations vortex?

Globalization has brought us Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday and Single Day, a new commercial trio that shook us off during November. This month, large expenditures will be followed by Christmas – a traditional shopping season that often shakes our wallets – and then in January sales. Just tired of thinking of it!

You can take advantage of discounts to buy what you need, as long as you can meet them based on your income and expense level. However, the financing of sales and the misuse of consumer financing may indicate that most of us these days buy what we do not need, whether prices are really bargaining and whether they can buy at prices we know are not beyond our capabilities. The emotional part of our brain wins in the rational part. We bought two shirts instead of one because they give us ugly and scarf scarf at the end; We've added something that we've planned to save on the Internet through the purchase basket, the shipping charges; Even though we don't need it too much, we get packages at six, because "this is cheaper". We know that we do not have enough financial education level in Spain to submit to the market and to say that the purchase is justified as a reasoned bargain.

So what do we do to survive on these dates? There are two things that experts offer us in this field: to make a list and to create interesting alternative plans at maximum pressure these days. Before November, make a list of things you need to buy along with guide prices, including something that isn't too expensive but you're excited and that determines the budget for your current money. The second proposal is to create plans to help you not to think about it. Stay with friends you want to see, start designing Bethlehem, take a walk from the city center, sign up for a volunteer day, open the locker to remove clothes we don't wear and donate. Everything that could really be useful. And it's always with family or friends to make this work really special and become a specialty this year.

What about Internet shopping? The previous two numbers work for online purchases, but normally we have to take into account a point that we don't pay much attention to: cyber security.

The Spanish Banking Association, together with its business partners, has launched a campaign on measures such as safe online purchasing of users, mistrust of disproportionate discounts and suggestions such as purchasing websites starting with "https". and they include the communication data and direction of the trade to read privacy policies, read other users' ideas, and always use secure Wi-Fi networks. In addition to this campaign, our financial education initiative, Sí Dígame & # 39; s Jaime and Julio's heroes, explains everything we need to know about safe online shopping and how to manage our personal budget.

This year we will be again subject to incredible discounts, which have been limited in time, and we have adapted to our tastes and hobbies, using big data. All this information will appear when we reach our email or surf the web or use our favorite mobile apps. With a list we have and with some family plans or with friends, checking what we want is a perfect time for what we need and how we act accordingly.

Beatriz Morilla Responsible from the CSR of the Spanish Banking Association (AEB)

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