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Horoscope on Monday, November 26, 2018


Extensive margin that can be listened to after performing well on time and well. Circuits inside the family may have some friction to be corrected. Emotional help before a personal problem. Company.

Moment: The greens.

A single day with some psychic ups and downs for a certain reserve air with people sharing the field of labor. Rationalizing emotions is not something that cost the bull-guided disposition, it is very difficult to do that at the moment.

Moment: the color of the beach.

He knows how to decide today with his decisions and certainty. Search for and find something new for your life projection. Emotional and emotional achievements for positive situations in the family environment.

Moment: tan.

When busy and confused, a tiring day for small crabs can complicate things. Try to separate emotions from thoughts and continue fear of being wrong. Concentration and criteria.

Moment: white.

The sun shines in the mind of the self-sufficient leonines, which have resulted in long-standing situations in the family. At the same time try to feel responsibility for others and allow them to grow.

Moment: light steel color.

Family issues bring certain complications. Try to commit the responsibility of doing everything, or carry what is called baton. Not required, allow others to make mistakes.

Moment: chrome.

To be able to analyze the route to be followed is a clear and clear mind. There are dreams that are incomplete, but ideas that can work. Today, the hearts of Librans have the opportunity to start again.

Moment: fuchsia.

Taste-taking journey for Scorpions, always taking care of others' needs. They reach certain perspectives on the situations that need to be corrected. Stable health, walking is needed.

Moment: forest green.

Investigate the facts in the face of mixed feelings and double relationships. No need to face anger or emotional disturbances, dialogue is the way. Casual encounters and distractions.

Moment: Egyptian color.

Know that not being at all times values ​​the great capacity we have. We don't always have the right things, but we can always have the expectations we deserve to fight and have. Wisdom and understanding

Moment: turquoise.

There is a feeling of unrest and anxiety that gives a sui generis day along with emotional ups and downs. Sometimes I imagine that it is not bad to sit and think and discuss self. Decisions about who you are and freedom.

Moment: indigo.

Try to rationalize that the weight of responsibilities should not frighten us. Know and work on the extreme senses that are able to surprise us and change the peace we all deserve. Be a part of peace.

Moment: yellow

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