Wednesday , October 20 2021

HMD Global sold 70 million Nokia mobile phones


Great news for a brand of legend, all from the hands of a good company HMD Global This indicates the display of responsible information.

For those who do not know and / or do not remember, less than two years ago, Nokia announced the return to HMD Global. Second, he decided to license the brand and patents of the first. This is in addition to the former executives of the well-known and well-known Finnish cellular and telecommunications company.

We cannot ignore that it officially arrived in Chile at the end of August of the same year.

However, the most important thing to tell you from now on is that these two companies work together in a perspective and on the horizon.

70 million Nokia phones

With more than two years of experience, HMD Global has managed to market 70 million Nokia phones. This includes both smart phones as enabled phones (basic phones).

56 million of this number corresponds to sales made to men over the age of 35, the company's prior knowledge.

In a complementary way, organization acknowledges that cheap devices are the main source of income. On the other hand, the foremost terminals did not have the performance they expected, but that was not to give up on it.

As reported, Nokia 6.1 smart phone most sold in the "newest" repertoireTo talk. They are also great hype Nokia 3.1 and Nokia 7 Plus.

A for medium to high range

Estimating and interpreting the future for the future, In the HMD, they emphasized that they want to strengthen the Nokia brand's position in the industry. smart phones Between 300 and 400 euros. It even reveals the desire to appeal to a younger audience with various campaigns. marketing.

But, They also emphasize that the 2019 objective is to consolidate what is called the upper middle class.overcentre) the market. It is inevitable to think about it. gadgets Filtered as Nokia 9 with 5 rear cameras. And even taking into account the acquisition of the legendary PureView.

Innovation is an important concept to be considered for 2019, although the company is aware that it has not yet offered anything innovative or extremely important. We look forward to exhibiting truly attractive, striking and innovative emblems for the years 2020 and 2021.

On the other hand, they report that they will spend more resources to improve customer service and desire to build a better online community.

In addition, more accessories for their phones will be released to create a larger ecosystem.

For future teams, to continue with this naming strategy, when it comes to giving a name.. So, and as example, the successor to Nokia 6.1 will be Nokia 6.2, then will be followed by Nokia 6.3, and so on.

However, a detail that should not be allowed to escape is that the company declares it. at least for now, we do not intend to request any phone. Retro As with the Nokia 3310. make a plan smart phone worldly gambling in the short term.

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