Saturday , December 5 2020

He will propose an intense match at his visit to the championship leader

– Celestes needed points to approach the Copa Sudamericana, but the Catholic University looked for the same thing, because at the weekend the champions were crowned when certain combinations of results were given.

Ricardo Obando

FIFA's non-football weeks, according to Maximiliano Salas, were not good for O '' Higgins. In this scenario, Marco Antonio Figueroa is looking for a team against Universidad de Concepción, who, for example, gives a chance to win three points once more during a visit to the leader of the national championship. Catholic University.

Thus, with the scores in disputes and proximity to the end of the tournament, it took the idea that they should have a positive result in San Carlos de Apoquindo on the campus, only 180 minutes. A qualification to Copa Sudamericana 2019, a way that could result in the combination of the results of the other five teams that bid on three places for international competition.

And from this point of view, for the more moving midfielder this season as a central defender, Juan Fuentes must be intense against UC & # 39; and this is exactly what the Ghost has suggested for this game.

In this context, canterano commented, "it will be a very regular and intense game for me." I think the team that makes less mistakes and makes a thinner and more stringent comment will achieve a positive result. "

However, he said, ”it is the message that the teacher gave us every day gün to raise a high-intensity match. If we go to San Carlos and they're an intense and uncomfortable team, we will have more chance of losing to win. I hope the match is given. "

In addition, Fuentes stressed that they are clear about how the UC plays in the locker room. Edi We know that many people in the middle of the fields of Catholic groups have returned, so (the teacher) gave us a lot of peace of mind when we gathered the ball and violence the moment we didn't assemble. “


For someone in the quarry of Capo de Provincia, the units in the next market dispute are very important. If O Higgins won, he could rely on Copa Sudamericana 2019 for being için so excited for us to qualify for an international trophy, 39 as the BF says.

In addition, Juan Fuentes said he was excited about the celestial nudity of the tournament, but that he was ks concerned about the results and the goal we had. Buna We're a little short, and we want to do everything in the best way, because it's going to be a nice face to face. Biraz

Now, one of the doubts about Fuentes is about his position on the playing field. With the absence of Matías Vera – with the accumulation of yellow cards – his name is the main element in Figueroa's thinking of involving him in the defensive midfield. On top of that, the young man taş I'm ready to play as a midfielder or midfielder “and saha We know of the significant loss of Mati, but we have good colleagues. Whoever's playing will be available to coach. "

Finally, in the celestial area, there is peace and confidence in the good closing of the tournament and reaching the raised goal. In this context, Fuentes said that ini I think there is a rise in every game, and I think we will repeat our future and what to do in a good way during the weekend orum and unda reflect this series of matches Bu. The quality of the players with the intensity of each player. We hope that we will continue all the same way together ".

What do you say to SAN CARLOS?

They want to claim their status locally in the UC and resist themselves with Higgins. Luciano Aued midfielder Luciano Aued, the winner of the goal in the first round of Cruzville in Cruzville, said this week will be decisive, especially as we are worried about "playing, trying to get a good result and going on" (to the table).

Moreover, the trasandino cross team said, "There is no doubt that we have been the first players during the tournament, but there are signs that football has not reached anything, but these two dates are ready for the task, we empower ourselves and win the championship."

And, of course, the Crusaders may be champions on Sunday, as long as they receive the invincible Phantom Figueroa, and both the University of Chile and the Universidad de Concepción cannot win. Moreover, it is already announced that the cup will be in the stadium when it is necessary to deliver the cup.

That's why, for Aued, "we have to go so far. I understand that there are mathematical possibilities, but the important thing is that we have three points to stay here, and we can continue to preserve this advantage that we have today (two points on the U)."


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