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He used tap water for a nasal wash water, and the amoeba shoe came to him – Noticias Ya


(News YA) .-A Seattle woman had washing her nose with tap water. A year later, he died for a brain-eating amoeba, It was reported this week in the International Journal of Communicable Diseases.

According to information from CNN, a 69-year-old person Permanent sinus infection. For a month, a neti pot tried to get rid of using a home remedy to wash paranasal, but as recommended, used tap water instead of sterile water.

Neti containers are used to pour saline into one nostril to irrigate the sinuses and another to fight against an allergy or infections.

According to the doctors who treated her, the water she used contained an amoeba eater, which could cause a very rare and nearly fatal infection called Balamuthia mandrillaris.

In the body, the amoeba slowly devoted himself to his work and took his life.

First, he developed a red, fluffy wound at the bridge of his nose. Doctors thought it was a redness and prescribed an antibiotic ointment, but that did not provide relief.

Dermatologists diagnosed for a year. Later, the left side of the woman's body began to shake and experienced an attack that weakened her arm.

CT scan showed He showed that his brain had an abnormal lesion and that it could be a tumor and his brain deteriorated rapidly.

The mass was growing and new lesions began to emerge.

According to media reports, a neurosurgeon from the Swedish Medical Center opened his head to examine his brain and discovered that he was infected with the amoeba.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) took the anti-amoeba drug miltefosin to Seattle to try to save the woman's life, but entered a coma and died.

The CDC said that most of the Balamuthia cases were not diagnosed just before or after death, so the doctors did not have much experience in the treatment of amoebae.

Doctors want other doctors to know that if you have any pain or redness in your nose after rinsing a patient's sinuses, you should think about the amoebae infection.

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