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He thought it was mucus from the nose; brain fluid


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It took five years to Greg Phillpotts, origin new YorkIn the United States, she discovered the cause of her nose dripping consistently; what i think allergy appeared to be a leakage between liquid Cerebrospinal fluid, as indicated by local media.

"I was preparing food in the kitchen and ruining the whole dinner, Phill said Phillpotts.

Adam showed that he had always affected him, regardless of where this was, so he had to be placed. handkerchiefs Nose in order to slow down continuity drip.

Greg consulted several people during this time doctors His condition and they gave him false diagnoses like pneumonia or bronchitis.

However, it was in February when the symptoms worsened, so it was from Mount Sinai Hospital. Alfred went to Iloreta and said his condition might cause meningitis.

Doctors performed a cranial surgery and resolved the health problem.

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