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Giorgio Jackson: "If Palma Salamanca was the murderer of Jaime Guzmán, he has to come to his sentence" – informative

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Deputy of the Democratic Revolution Giorgio JacksonIn a new chapter with Matías del Río this evening we spoke about various topics. Informative.

In From time to time, the parliamentary and former student leader spoke of the situation of the old border in France. Ricardo Palma Salamanca; News by Frente Amplio; The pension reform announced by President Sebastián Piñera and his intention to leave Parliament after the second legislative period.

Revelation caused by his aide's revelation Gabriel Boric As for a meeting in France with the conviction of Senator Jaime Guzmán, Jackson said in his view that "talking to someone is not an accomplice of any situation, as we would like to recommend it to you."

Palma Salamanca and Jackson and Boric Deputy Deputy: "UDI produced the same thing when it visited Pinochet in London"

MP RD analyzed the clashes following a visit to the former front, which condemned the murder of Jaime Guzman.

The former president of Feuc said that the atmosphere was tightened as a result of this fact, but stressed that Boric's action did not violate the separation of State powers. In this context, according to the case, when he was detained in Argentina (England), he cited the example of Augusto Pinochet, and noted that efforts by our country's and the dictator's supporters to return to Chile were "no separation of state".

Boric also said that his meeting with Palma Salamanca was not a representative of state power. "I know Gabriel is very interested in knowing a process of recognition, knowing the process," he explains.

Giorgio Jackson on Asylum Salamanca: "If you were the killer, you should obviously return to serve the sentence"

The Frente Amplio parliament expressed the reaction provoked by France's pre-reaction, which he defected and condemned for the murder of Jaime Guzmán.

Finally, dır What is alarming when demanding the extradition of Salma Palamanca is that France is questioning the Chilean state's capacity to carry out a necessary process. Son "Jaime Guzman, of course, is a person who has to respect him, unlike my inheritance," he stressed.

In addition, he argued that ini if ​​Palma Salamanca were a murderer, he should have to serve a phrase explicitly, ayd but he suggested that this should be determined in a trial.


Regarding the defense of Erñigo Errejón, one of the most powerful faces of the Venezuelan regime, the Spanish ol Podemos; and the inspiration for the Great Front of our country, Jackson did not hesitate to say that they did not agree with the promise of praise for the circumstances. Nicolás Maduro .

Giorgio Jackson: "The situation in Venezuela is dramatic"

The Democratic Revolution parliament referred to the current situation in Venezuela.

"The situation in Venezuela is a dramatic situation," he said, adding that "it is not right to get anchored positions in the dichotomy of the cold war". Otherwise, as a politician, he said that he has "thousands of contradictions in discourse."


Jackson, who he claimed would not support the government's pension reform initiative in the previous days, again criticized him and described it as something other than a ğü parametric change Önceki.

According to the RD leader, "one of the biggest problems he has is that he does not recognize the urgency that older adults have today." Regarding this, "the reform will be in the regime in 40 years, President Pïñera 's proposed a 50-year solution," he said.

MP Giorgio Jackson: "Our ideal pension system is to make a triple"

The parliament of the Democratic Revolution criticized the Pension Reform presented by the Government.

As part of the solution, ire We believe in a distribution pole in the FA. Our offer has voluntary individual savings. Our ideal pension system is to make a triple. Bizim


Jackson also had promises to address his personal situation in relation to his intention not to represent again for a third term, despite being reelected in the last national majority elections.

Bir When I start this candidacy, it's a political decision, it's a political decision, lığı he explained. Nevertheless, he said, this commitment does not mean withdrawal from politics.

In fact, "all Frente Amplio candidates have committed for only two terms," ​​he said.

Giorgio Jackson: "All candidates of F. A." have committed themselves to only two terms.

Parliamentary Frente Amplio spoke of both his future and his party as parliamentary.

Eph It's good that there are a few names on the Broad Front, “Jackson refused to be deepened on the future of the emergence of prominent names and new leaders of the Broad Front. There are a lot of people who have an important leadership as part of the collective. ".

Despite the above, "Frento does not have leadership in Amplio, Beatriz Sánchez is a leader, I trust a lot to do," he agreed.

As for the shortcomings of the political conglomerate, he declared that "our greatest failure so far does not have a new internal democracy." Of course, "the media gave us three degrees more magnifying glass," he stressed.


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