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"Game of Thrones" spin: No dragons or Targaryens?


The creator of the epic, George R.R. Martin is sure that the derived series will take place about 5,000 years ago

Apparently the dragons won't appear in the epic epic prequel

After his eighth and final season, he will be the creator of a prequel and George R.R epic of Game of Thrones. Martin is more accurate in explaining exactly when the new series will be set.

"In Roma there are about 10,000 years. However, there are places where teachers say: No, no, not 10,000, but 5,000." So I think it is close to 5,000 years, "says Interview with Entertainment Weekly.

He also spoke about the scenario in which the return would take place.

"Poniente is a very different place. The king has no descent. No Iron Throne. There is no Targaryen: Valyria has just begun to rise with its dragons and the great empire that it has built. it creates great expectations among loyal followers of epic production.

It shows that the series will be established before the Targaryen family, the only dragon rider, has come to power after the collapse of Valyria.

Therefore, it is clear that the array will not contain dragons at least in its first stretch … if it does.

Therefore, yesteryear will not be the dragon in Poniente. An element in which the author will continue to throw in the entire epic, but in the end. . I spent a bit of time not having the dragons, j Martin explained.

mechanical strength

De I wanted the Targaryen symbol to be a dragon, but maybe I played with the idea that it was like a force. My friend and fantasy writer Phyllis Eisenstein was the one who convinced me to put the dragons, and I was dedicated to the third book. And I think that was the right decision, "he continued.

The pilot of Prequel will play the role of Naomi Watts and talk about the pilot world's golden age landing of the darkest heroes. Pre One thing is certain: he reads a summary of the horrific secrets of Westeros' history, the true origins of the White Marchers, the mysteries of the Orient, the Stark of the myth … not the story we know.

For now, the eighth and final season of the series "Game of Thrones", which has passed since the awards and nominations, will begin in April 2019 and, as expected, will be part of the final delivery. Each one will have a time of 60 minutes.

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