Tuesday , August 9 2022

Gabriel met with Salam Salamanca before he led Boric asylum – policy


© Agencia UNO Gabriel Boric meets with Palma Salamanca before completing the asylum process

The deputy, in France, "about listening to the story of the old-facade," he agreed to the appointment of about 30 minutes.

Deputy Autonomist Movement, Gabriel Boricagreed to meet during a break France with old Ricardo Palma Salamanca Listen to your story.

Last Friday, November 2, the Bureau for the Protection of French Refugee and Stateless Persons gave political asylum to the former Manuel Rodriguez Patriotic Front. Ricardo Palma Salamancaassassinated the senator Jaime Guzmán and participate in the abduction of Cristián Edwards.

In an interview with La Tercera, he said the appointment was made during a break in Paris through the representative of the Palma Brzovic family, María Paz Santibañez, and then moved to Palestine on an official visit.

"We met during the 30 minutes we talked about the asylum application. (Back then he was signing in France on a daily basis), zaman he said in the morning.

"As I have done from the beginning, Senator Jaime Guzmán's crime is not justified." " Boric noted in relation to the current status of the former bias.

Iy However, the asylum claim was based on the fact that the Chilean justice system, as stated by Ofpra, was guilty of dictatorship and negligence in the face of human rights abuses and was in the early 1990s. The composition of the judicial system was almost the same as ever, so there was no guarantee of a fair trial, "it gave parliamentary results.


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