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From the eyes of Charly García, Julieta Venegas


Most of the time someone understands a person better every day than the one who has committed his own work. Common Thread BIOS points to yours, exactly: a musician who tells the life of another musician.

This series is about the first part of the documentary Charly García and the invited artist will travel with her to do her discography, her career and her personal life. Julieta Venegas. Coming soon to other departments dedicated to Mexico Alex Lora (El Tri) and Argentinean Gustavo Cerati.

EL COLOMBIANO spoke with the Mexican singer to learn about his experience with this Argentine rock idol. The two-hour program will be aired on Nov. 11 at 9 o'clock. National Geographic.

What effects did you get from Charly García?

Ti Charly was always the one who marked me as music and his songs had a very special personality. As a composer and pianist, he was very important to me. "

What makes this experience the most astonishing about Charly's life?

"I've always focused on listening to his music, and I knew very little about his life. I would like to see how it depends on one another, and Charly's life depends on the way he sings and perceives music." " He looked so beautiful because he sings in his songs about the different moments in Argentine history: from the dictatorship to the Falklands War orada.

Are the songs the thread in which this documentary is described?

The documentary is told with different interviews and many other materials that are not yet known, because Charly and people have things about different moments in their lives. You listen to their songs, they analyze the lyrics because they wrote with joy, with metaphors "

Many personal stories will be told, what is the most pointing of these stories?

"On a personal level, it was very exciting to meet Charly, and people who knew me knew that their music was always a reference to me. So I came to this documentary because many of my friends in Buenos Aires knew I loved Charly I loved to see the principles, started at a very young age, and discovered that he was very young, so he discovered he had an absolute ear: he was always very impressed with his relationship to his music, and I know a lot of things with him. I like to discover that there is a profession and that this is something that affects your life u.

Charly, a rock post in Latin America, what are the features that make it a myth?

Benim I think there are a few things: their songs are too timeless, they don't mark a certain time, it's completely contemporary now, because their ways of creating are not traditional. for his musical luggage, which opens Latin music in a different direction because there is a very special poem, completely different images and characters you can read on one side.

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